Fortitude Brand is an independent clothing label, born in the baddest suburb in the land, Fortitude Valley. Aside from repping our hood maybe a little too hard, Fortitude is a celebration of our passions, rolled into one idea, one brand. Music, design, art, enjoying life and connecting with like-minded people.


Let’s be honest. Planet Earth, in 2019, is a pretty weird place. Social media connects us all, yet dilutes actual human interaction. A huge number of us deal with anxiety and depression, and suicide remains the leading cause of death for Aussies between the age of 15 and 44. So heavy!? Chances are we’ve all been impacted by the loss of a mate or family member. It’s fucking heart breaking.


Fortitude represents a mind-set, a perseverance. A strength of character to cut through all the bullshit that we’re bombarded with these days, focus on the positive, and focus on the things that make us smile. It’s ok to feel like the world is weighing you down, but fuck letting it get the best of you. Just remember you are awesome, you are worth it. Fortitude is hear to back you, and shine a light on all the cool crazy shit that life has to offer.


So as well as selling some exquisitely designed threads from local designers and artists, expect to see plenty of good news stories shared on our pages, and some serious positive vibes coming your way. Life is awesome, and GOOD SHIT HAPPENS.

We are open to collaborations with other artists and musicians. Please drop us a line with your ideas. 


Ricky T - Founder.